Art jam is a social painting experience. Painting as entertainment, we call it paintertainment.

The key to art jamming's success is that it's fun!

Art jam has grown to be a meaningful personal and creative experience that many people share with people close to them. People as diverse as you can imagine come to art jam. Art jammers express, discover, socialize and decompress while painting their own canvases. It's the most perfect blend of self expression and social interaction.

Most people are led to believe that art is a skill that must be learned and think that not having that knowledge makes the first time daunting. Here at art jam, the seemingly imposible becomes possible. We emphasize feeling, the pure, instinctual responses that comes from deep inside.

About Us

Art Jam Studio (53231860M) was founded in Singapore on 27th February 2013.

Art Jam Studio
8 Burn Road #05-10 Trivex
Singapore 369977
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Tel: +65 6655 2811